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Last Update: 2018-10-09
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Tap’n’Turn is a small utility that has been created to help you to manage your screen orientation. Android offers you two options: lock or auto rotate. Depending on your usage, that might be sufficient. However, there are usecases, when auto-rotation kicks in in the wrong moment, for example when lying horizontally in your bed. Disabling auto rotation altogether doesn’t work for showing fotos to your relatives.
Tap’n’Turn aims to solve this problem by asking you directly when you physically rotate your device, if your intention is to change the logical screen orientation as well. It does so by displaying a little unintrusive icon in one of the corners which you can click to match the logical screen orientation to the physical screen orientation.

How to download & play Tap 'n' Turn on pc

  • 1. Download game package(APK file).
  • 2. Drag the local APK file directly to LDPlayer.
  • 3. You can install it through the installation button on the right side of LDPlayer.
  • 4. If you have a Google play account and Goole has the game or app, you can open play store in LDPlayer, find the game or app you need, and install it directly.
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  • LDPlayer 3.44 Release Notes
  • Release date:2018-12-07 Download
  • 1. Optimized PUBG MOBILE VN
    2. Fixed the issue of not being able to shoot continuously for PUBG MOBILE
    3. Optimized Garena Liên Quân Mobile and Mobile Legend
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