Forgotten Throne Beginner Guide - Reclaim the Throne with Best Tips


Welcome to the ultimate beginner's guide for Forgotten Throne! If you're diving into this game for the first time, you're in for an awesome adventure. But before you jump in and start battling monsters or exploring mysterious lands, there are a few cool things you should know to make your journey even more epic. 

Forgotten Throne Beginner Guide

In this guide, we'll walk you through choosing your character class (are you more of a magical wizard or a strong warrior?), picking out the best skills to defeat your enemies, learning about the awesome pets you can collect, and so much more. Don't worry; we've got your back every step of the way with tips and tricks to help you reclaim the throne. For the best gaming experience play Forgotten Throne on PC with LDPlayer. Let's get started and make your game experience super fun and exciting!

Selecting Your Class

At the start of your Forgotten Throne gameplay, the first decision you have to make is which class to play. The choice is absolutely a personal preference, but in this section, we will explain each class so your decision will be easier. There are three main classes in Forgotten Throne: Mage, Warrior, and Priest. Let's take a closer look at them.

Warrior Class

Warrior Class forgotten throne

This class excels in the area of survivability. They have higher magic and physical damage resistance than other classes, so they take less damage during combat. In team settings, these classes take the front line, and most team challenges will need them. However, in terms of damage output, they have lesser output, so if you like high damage dealing, playing this class can feel a little slow at times.

Mage Class

Mage Class

The mage class is the highest damage-capable class. Both of their main skills deal high damage, and once someone is in a place, their water ability stays active in that location, dealing damage to all the enemies in that area. Their other attacks one-shot most mobs, making it the ideal choice for players looking for high-power gameplay. However, this class has the lowest defense stats, so you have to always try to run around to avoid dangers during combat.

Priest Class

Priest Class H3

Priest is somewhat similar to the warrior class. They have better surviving skills than the mage, but they can deal more damage than the warriors. Their gameplay is based on energy; as you use your normal attack, you gain energy, which you can then use to deal more damage. When playing this class, you can also summon a guardian that attacks and protects you, making it much easier than the mage class. In the later stages, you can also learn other skills that buff your entire party and provide healing, so you will also get more team invites for group content of the game.

Choosing the Best Skills

At the start of the Forgotten Throne game, you will unlock your first basic skills, but you are not limited to these skills. When you open the game menu, you will see a section called "Skills"; this is where you can unlock new skills. To unlock them, you need skill points which can be earned by leveling your characters. When choosing new skills, you should select ones that help you overcome one of the weaknesses of your chosen class.

Choosing the Best Skills


For example, the mage has a skill called "Flash." This skill helps you dash away from enemies and recover experience. It nicely fits the class's weakness of taking more damage than other classes because you can use this skill to escape from enemies if they surround you, and then use water skills to slow them down and deal damage from a safe distance. So, make sure to read up on the skills before spending your precious skill points.

Things to Know About Pets

In Forgotten Throne, one of the best ways to increase your damage output and prevent enemies from overwhelming you is by using pets. So, learning about them is a must. At the start of the game, you will be awarded one pet for free. If you want more, you have to play the gacha. Here, you will get random pets that belong to different rarities and elements. The rarities range from R, the lowest, to SSR.

The first pet you receive for free belongs to the R rarity, and these pets have fewer skills. Their skills typically focus on increasing damage, but there are some pets that can provide buffs, healing, and act as true assets. When you acquire a pet, make sure to check its rarity. If it's below normal, don't invest too many resources into making them powerful because you'll acquire far better pets as you progress in the game.

Things to Know About Pets

Next to the rarity, you will see that each of your pets has an element type. This indicates what type of skills they have, but other than that, developers of Forgotten Throne have not implemented a way for them to interact with the game mechanics. However, it's still in development; probably, they will introduce elemental mechanics that affect both PvP and PvE scenarios.

If you want to get a list of acquirable pets in Forgotten Throne, head to the summoning section. In its drop rate page, you can get a glimpse of what is possible to acquire. Then, go to the wish list and select three pets you really need. It's better to select three SSR pets because the wish list increases the chance of acquiring those selected pets. Listing pets that have a low chance of dropping can increase the likelihood of obtaining them through the gacha.

As mentioned earlier, pets can be leveled up and their star levels increased. To level up, you need pet leveling potions, which can be acquired in the shop or by completing quests. To star up pets, you need to obtain three copies of the same pet and sacrifice them to star up your current pet. Leveling up increases their base stats, while starring up unlocks new skills and gradually transforms the pets into their full morph state. The morph state is more powerful and provides higher-level skills that you can use during combat.

Exploring the Lava Canyon

In Forgotten Throne’s Lava Canyon, you can engage in battles with various monsters. Each battle comes with a specific time limit that you must adhere to. If you're too slow, you won't receive the full reward. Once you've amassed enough power, you can utilize the sweep option to clear multiple battles at once. However, this option is limited to once per day, so it's beneficial to log in daily and use it to ensure you don't miss out on potential rewards.

Exploring the Lava Canyon

Another important aspect of this mode is that your idle reward is determined based on your progress level in the Lava Canyon. The further you progress in clearing stages, the greater your idle rewards will be. This ensures that you have resources readily available when you're ready to play actively. So, even if you're not actively engaging in battles, logging in daily to utilize the sweep option ensures that your progress doesn't go to waste and maximizes your rewards from the idle system.

Creating Teams

In various game modes of Forgotten Throne, especially those with boss encounters, team options are available. If you don't have friends playing the game with you, you can utilize the auto team option. This feature automatically matches you with other players and, once the encounter is finished, the player chosen as the team leader can queue up for other battles or invite players. So, even if you're not the team leader, if you want to engage in more combat, try asking if others want to participate in additional encounters. Sometimes, you can join these auto teams for at least 5 more encounters, rather than waiting a long time to be matched again.

If you're playing Forgotten Throne with friends, ensure that at least one of them is a tank/warrior class to draw the boss's attention. This allows weaker casters to deal damage constantly without worrying about taking damage themselves. While most tanks can handle themselves in boss encounters, challenging a boss several levels higher may require additional support. Adding a high-level priest with healing skills unlocked allows your tanks to conserve their healing items for when they absolutely need them. These utility foods don't replenish health quickly and have a cooldown, so utilizing free healing options is always a good idea.

Equipping the Best Gear

In Forgotten Throne, one of the most effective ways to increase your combat power is through gear. Equipment can be earned from completing quests and defeating monsters lurking in the environment. Usually, equipment obtained from quests is of higher quality, while those dropped by monsters depend on the monster's level and your own. Fighting high-level monsters may yield useful gear, but low-level monsters won't provide much help. However, the advantage of obtaining low-level gear is that you can sell or destroy them to acquire resources needed to strengthen your character.

Equipping the Best Gear


Now, you may be wondering how to determine if the gear you've earned is better than what you're currently wearing. The game's auto-equip system prompts you to equip high-quality gear as soon as you acquire them. In case you missed them, you can go to your bag to view all the gear you've acquired (if you haven't sold them already). Clicking on the gear will show the amount of stats it provides. Stats like attack, crit damage, crit rate, and accuracy increase your damage output, while defense, block chance, magic defense, and physical defense are defense-oriented stats.

In Forgotten Throne, the selection of gear depends on what you expect from your character. Even warriors can focus on dealing more damage by choosing gear with better damage-oriented stats. However, if you want to increase survivability, go for defense. Since most of the time you'll be fighting monsters that deal magic damage, make sure not to ignore stats that increase magic defense.

Understanding Consumables

In Forgotten Throne, in addition to gear, you can enhance your power and survivability using consumables, which are located in the tool section of the skill selection menu. Healing items are a must-have if you don't have healing spells or a player who can provide healing for you. These items come in four types: the basic one provides 2400HP in 5 seconds, while the highest tier provides 6000 HP. However, the highest-tier items may only be usable once you reach certain levels, so make sure to equip the highest tier possible for faster healing.

Understanding Consumables

Next are defense and attack buff foods. Unlike healing items you may find in Forgotten Throne, these buffs stay active for 24 hours once used. While they can't be equipped for quick activation, it's important to make a habit of going to the tool section and activating these buffs every day. This can significantly enhance your character's effectiveness in both defense and attack, so don't forget to activate them regularly.


You're now ready to enjoy your journey through the Forgotten Throne with confidence. Remember, the key to success in this magical world is choosing the right class, mastering your skills, making the most of your adorable pets, and gearing up properly. Whether you're battling through the Lava Canyon, teaming up with friends, or just exploring the vast lands of Forgotten Throne, always stay curious and ready for adventure. Keep leveling up, and don't forget to log in daily for those sweet rewards. 

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