Legend of Mushroom Redeem Codes April 2024


Legend of Mushroom is a mobile combat game where players enjoy adventures of a diminutive mushroom character. Your cute mushroom companion takes charge of most tasks, while you obtain gear from a mystical lamp, acquire new abilities from the game's gacha system, and trade outdated items for XP. This progression system allows your mushroom to grow stronger, equipping you to tackle more challenging bosses along the way.

Legend of Mushroom Redeem Codes (Updated on 04/02)

  • 1XutPJ
  • LOM2024
  • LOM7777
  • LOM1777
  • UFAYeD
  • ru34La

How To Redeem Legend of Mushroom Codes?

1. Download legend of Mushroom on LDPlayer

Legend of Mushroom Download Legend of Mushroom on PC

2. Click Avatar at the Left top corner>Click Redeem Code

3. Enter the redeem code and click Exchange

4. Enjoy the gifts!

Download Legend of Mushroom on PC