Ten Best Espers in Dislyte that You Didn't Know So far


Dislyte is the RPG game that comes with a turn-based aspect, and here we are building our teams. And for these teams, we are going to need the Espers as they are the ones who will fight against the danger in this Dislyte world. There are so many heroes in this game with various powers and performances, and LilithGames managed to make every esper in this game with a unique play style. And among them all, we have some of the best espers in Dislyte, and we are going to see them through this Dislyte espers guide.






When talking about the things that we don't know about the best espers in Dislyte, it is obviously about choosing the best ones among them. We will showcase to you ten of them here which are being allocated from their four elements as Inferno, flow, shimmer and wind. They also have their own rarities as 2, 3, 4 and 5 stars, which are uncommon, rare, epic and legendary espers, respectively.


From these all rarities, usually, the espers who got 3 to 5 stars are the best to include in a team because they are identified as the top tier heroes from this game. Every esper has to be summoned from the game's gacha system, and all the heroes who got 3 to 5 stars can beat the early and end phase of the gameplay without any issue. So here are the ten of the best espers in Dislyte to make you an effective progression through the gameplay.



Gabrielle is one of the best espers in Dislyte who comes from the S tier rank, and she belongs to the element wind with a 5-star rarity level. This esper is powerful with the Njord power, and even if you are a new or an end game player, both can be conquered very easily by using this hero.



Gabrielle has an immunity and defense buff for all the team members with the 3rd skill, and it will allow the allies to attack opponents over two turns. She will also AOE damage her enemies with the second skill, and this hero has a great set of damage and multipliers with her 1st skill. Gabrielle is a well-known Dislyte best esper to have the best attack and the best speed, and you will be able to progress quickly by using her in your gameplay.


Ye Suhua

This Dislyte esper is holding the element Shimmer, and she is a 3-star hero on the list of best espers in Dislyte. Ye gives you the support, and players can easily take her from the game. As one of the best espers in Dislyte, Ye Suhua can rival so many legendary espers from the game as she has the best skills with herself.


The 3rd skill held by this esper can AOE buff her team and provide her team with defense buffs. And also, this hero can heal and come with a recovery skill and an invincibility buff to help you in the battles.


Lin Xiao

This is also a 4-star hero who comes from the shimmer element, and Lin will be one of the best espers in Dislyte to have the role of a DPS. She has the white tiger powers and is going to perform better as a DPS in the game. Players don't have to build this hero with a critical hit because Lin will have a critical hit rate for entirely over three turns. She can defend down and speed down at her enemies and will also be able to multiply the damage for all the enemies.




Sally comes under five stars, and she belongs to the flow element. She gives you the support from the game and will identify as a great healer from all the best espers in Dislyte. Sally does both AOE support and damage reduction for her allies, and when she is gone into a harvest state, Sally will heal her allies by 26% on their movements and cleanse a buff.



Sally can also give great AOE support to her team members, and she will also balance their HP levels with an offered attack buff over two turns for them.


Beginners of Dislyte can refer to our beginner guide to learn basic things about this game with its gameplay from here.



Asenath is a 4-star Shimmer esper from this list, and she gives the support. We identify this hero as the best healer, and she can also reduce the damage taken to her allies. Asenath can boost the 25% of AP of her team members on her third skill and will also reduce their damage. When she heals her allies, they will be healed into their maximum HP levels. With Asenath's single target damage, she will be able to remove a debuff from her enemies.



Unas is a 5-star hero from the shimmer element, and he identifies as a supporter esper in Dislyte. He has multiple reasons to fall under the category of best espers in Dislyte, and one of the top reasons is that he gives the best support. And also, Unas can be called a top AP booster from this game, and he got a super speed.


With this hero's 3rd skill, Unas is going to AOE damage to all his enemies, and it will scale from speed and attack with an AP granted for his allies over 30%. Unas also comes with an immunity buff for all his allies and will launch a defence down with over two turns.



Sanders as a 4-star hero who comes under this best espers in Dislyte guide will be your DPS hero from the inferno element. He is the best to utilize Kronos dungeon, and he can also do a tremendous single targeting at his enemies. Sanders can reduce the AP of his targets, and his damage comes with an attack and the speed.



This hero will reduce the speed of his enemies over two turns with the second skill, and whenever this skill is on a critical hit, Sanders will have a speed buff over two turns. He can reduce the AP of his enemies using his first skill in the game.



Clara will be a 5-star hero who will be discussed under the best espers in the Dislyte list, and this inferno elemental hero is a supporter of the game. She gives the best support with the best cleanse debuffs, and you can deploy her within the PVPs of the game as she can easily conquer them. Most of the time, this hero will be used in bruiser compositions, and she can also recover the HP of her allies.



The second skill held by Clara can affect her team within the healing efficacy buff granting, and she will be able to provide allies with immunity or remove two debuffs. Whenever there is an excess amount of healing, Clara will turn them into a shield.


Ren Si

This is a 4-star hero from the inferno element and identifies as a tank from our best espers in the Dislyte list. This hero can work as a pseudo-DPS with the greatest defence with attacks, and he can also deal with AOE damage to enemies. Ren got a 50% chance to leave enemies with a taunt debuff over one turn. Suppose the enemies have lower defence, then this taunt will be doubled.  



As the last hero from our best espers in Dislyte, we will introduce you to Lucas as your inferno disabler, and he got the Apollo powers in the game. It is fair to understand this hero as the best disabler because he is doing great in the PVPs of the game. The third skill held by this hero can AOE target and damage his enemies, and every hit will reduce a buff from his targets. And also, it causes an AP reduction to them.



With the second skill, Lucas can AOE target his enemies to damage them and give them a one-turned stunt. Every stun will grant Lucas an AP bonus. He can increase the AP with his 1st skill as it can damage the single targets.


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So that marks the end of our best espers in Dislyte with the things you didn't know about them. These are the ten of them you may not know until now because these are the best heroes you will meet in the game, and using them wisely for your game is up to you now. Please go through them all and do better to conquer your game with success.

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