The Legend of Tartar Beginner Guide - Best Tips and Tricks to Get Started with


Welcome to The Legend of Tartar, a captivating journey where you'll help Tartar navigate through her dream world, battling dangerous monsters that threaten her peaceful slumber. This beginner guide is designed to equip you with the best tips and tricks to get started, ensuring you can dive into the game with confidence and skill.

The Legend of Tartar

In The Legend of Tartar, you play as Tartar, a little girl in a whimsical and sometimes perilous dreamscape. Your main objective is to fight off the monsters that appear in each stage, using a variety of skills and strategies. As you progress, you'll discover that what initially seems like a simple game holds a wealth of hidden content and complexities.

From collecting unique equipment to mastering powerful skill combinations, this guide will walk you through the core mechanics and advanced strategies of The Legend of Tartar. Let's play The Legend of Tartar on PC with LDPlayer and turn Tartar's dreams into an epic tale of victory and adventure!

Understanding The Legend of Tartar Basics

At the beginning of The Legend of Tartar, the game may appear quite basic. However, as you progress through the stages, a wealth of hidden content will gradually become available. To enjoy the game fully, it's crucial to understand its core mechanics.

Understanding The Legend of Tartar Basics

In The Legend of Tartar, you play as a little girl in her dream world. Your main objective is to fight monsters encountered in each stage. Movement is automated, leaving you responsible for selecting the appropriate skills to enhance your character’s attacks and ensure her survival.

Skill Selection

Skills in the game are divided into two main categories: damaging skills and survival skills. Damaging skills are further classified into Area of Effect (AOE) and single-target damage.

Skill Selection

  • AOE Skills: Always prioritize AOE skills. Killing multiple enemies at once is far more efficient than taking them down one by one. Even low-level AOE skills can significantly increase your kill speed when used repeatedly.
  • Buff Skills: After AOE skills, focus on buff skills. These include burst damage boosters that enhance accuracy and execution. Skip the wound chance buff as it’s less critical. Important survival buffs include vampire skills and heal boosters, which can be upgraded to reduce their cooldowns and durations, allowing you to recover from heavy damage effectively.
  • Damage Boosting Skills: Use any remaining slots for damage-boosting or skill-leveling abilities. Maximizing these will improve your overall performance in battles.

Elemental Resistance

Understanding elemental resistance is vital for strategic gameplay. Each stage's enemies have a resistance to a specific element. The four main elements in the game are wind, fire, water, and infinite.

  • Water Skills: These are highly effective against fire enemies, dealing 30% more damage. When facing enemies with a fire element, prioritize using water-based skills to take them down quickly.

Elemental Resistance

  • Fire Skills: These skills excel against wind enemies, providing a 30% damage boost. If the stage features wind element enemies, equipping and using fire skills will help you defeat them more efficiently.
  • Wind Skills: These are most effective against water enemies, offering a 30% increase in damage. When you encounter water-based enemies, rely on wind skills to gain an advantage.

Strategy Tips

  • Check Elemental Resistance: Before entering a stage, check the elemental resistance displayed under the stage name. This will guide you in selecting the skills that receive a damage boost against the enemies you will face.
  • Prioritize Skill Selection: Always go for AOE skills first, then buff skills, and finally, fill any remaining slots with damage-boosting abilities. This approach ensures you can handle large groups of enemies quickly and sustain your character’s health effectively.

By understanding and utilizing these strategies, you can unlock the hidden depths of The Legend of Tartar and master its challenging stages. 

Should You Use Auto Skill Selection?

Auto skill selection of The Legend of Tartar is designed to choose the most powerful skills without considering the elemental system. When activated, it will automatically pick the first three skills available, often leading to a selection of unique abilities. However, this method has its drawbacks:

  • Lack of Strategic Selection: Auto skill selection does not prioritize burst or damage amplifier skills, which are crucial for maximizing damage output.
  • Ineffective Healing Choices: It tends to pick less effective healing skills, which can compromise your team's survivability.

Should You Use Auto Skill Selection?

Due to these limitations, auto skill selection is only advisable for handling regular stages where efficiency is more important than strategy. If the win probability before entering a stage is below 80%, using auto skill selection can help save time by avoiding repeated attempts.

In challenge modes, it is highly recommended to avoid auto skill selection. Challenge modes often require precise and strategic skill use to achieve the highest ratings, such as five stars, within a limited time frame. Manual selection allows for better control and optimization of your team's abilities, increasing the chances of success.

Collect Portal Rewards

As you progress further in The Legend of Tartar, you will unlock the Portal Rewards section, which automatically generates various resources such as gold, meat coins, red gems, omelets, and equipment. The types and quantities of resources produced depend on your progress in the game. 

Collect Portal Rewards

You can collect these rewards every few hours, but it is important to note that the resource generator can only hold up to 5 hours' worth of production. Therefore, ensure you collect your rewards before 5 hours have passed since your last collection to avoid missing out on any resources.

Save your free quick portal and use it after you've made some progress in the game. By the time you decide to use it, you will likely have advanced at least one stage level, which means the rewards you collect will be greater due to your increased progress. 

In addition to resources, you also gain a significant amount of player experience (EXP) from the portal rewards. This helps you level up faster. Even if you are stuck on a particular stage, collecting portal rewards after five hours can provide enough EXP to level up and improve your chances of overcoming the stage.

What You Should Know About Gear

In The Legend of Tartar, you can equip armor consisting of five pieces. The rarity of the gear determines the number of extra stats an item has, while each weapon always has one main stat regardless of its grade. Upgrading gear allows you to either add a few more base stats to that equipment or increase the current numbers on the allocated stats. To level up gear, you need scrolls, which can be obtained by merging gear and opening chests.

When upgrading gear, it's advisable to focus on the best gear you currently have. This is because you can use the dismantle option on each piece of gear to retrieve the same amount of resources you spent to level it up, allowing you to use those resources to upgrade your new, more powerful gear.

What You Should Know About Gear

Secondary stats, which stay grayed out no matter how much you level up the gear, cannot be activated through upgrades. Instead, they are unlocked through attributes. Each piece of gear is tied to a specific ability:

  • Dexterity (DEX) for swords
  • Critical (CRIT) for Hands
  • Agility for rings
  • Luck for helmets
  • Vitality for armor
  • Speed for shoes

The amount of secondary stat activated on an item is determined by the number of stat points you allocate to each corresponding ability. In the ability section, you can see under each ability how many points you need to allocate to activate all secondary stats.

Read the Secondary Stats

When you play The Legend of Tartar gacha, you will encounter similar types of items, but they will have different secondary stats. When choosing items, always prioritize stats that increase your basic damage, basic attack penetration, HP recovery, and boss kill damage. These stats remain active regardless of the skill type you select, depending on the elemental system.

If you want, you can create a full set for each element, but this is challenging if one higher-grade item lacks the desired stats. In such cases, use the refine option to obtain a secondary stat that is useful. Avoid stats like fire damage increase, water damage, or penetration of specific elemental skills, as they are less practical and difficult to manage when selecting skills during levels. The most efficient approach is to focus on base stat improvements, which offer consistent benefits across different scenarios.

What are Artifacts

The next type of equipment you can use to enhance your power is artifacts. Like weapons, you can obtain artifacts from opening gacha boxes. When selecting artifacts, aim for high rarity gear and be mindful of how you spend your upgrade resources. Initially, prioritize items with stats such as base damage penetration and HP generation.

Once you have accumulated a variety of items, you can create sets that, when worn together, provide specific special stats. Always try to achieve these set bonuses, as they will be beneficial later in the game.

Economy of The Legend of Tartar

The most important currency in The Legend of Tartar is blue diamonds. You can use them to acquire items from gacha boxes, reset stats, promote your character, and reset most features in the game. It's crucial not to spend all your blue diamonds at once; always keep at least 5000 blue gems on hand. 

While you can spend the rest on gacha boxes if you really want to, it's advisable to open the free advertisement gacha boxes provided daily. Additionally, you can perform one 10x weapon and one 5x artifact box opening using gems, but try to limit this as much as possible.

Economy of The Legend of Tartar

You can also use the daily shop to buy gear. As you make purchases, the shop level increases, offering more powerful options. Make sure to complete daily and weekly quests every day, as these will earn you a significant amount of gems. You can also engage in boss hunting to earn more blue gems, allowing you to play the game effectively without spending real money.

Always use the advertisement option to collect resources and speed up battles by watching ads to save time. This will help you maximize your in-game progress without spending excessively on blue diamonds.


Mastering The Legend of Tartar requires a blend of strategic thinking, skillful planning, and a keen understanding of the game's mechanics. By following the tips and tricks outlined in this guide, you'll be well-equipped to help Tartar overcome the challenges in her dream world, ensuring her sleep remains undisturbed. Dive into the adventure, refine your strategies, and transform your The Legend of Tartar gameplay into another legendary tale. Happy gaming!

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