Ragnarok M: Eternal Love(ROM)

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Gravity Interactive, Inc.
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Version 1.2.80
Updated on 2024-05-27
Rating 4.1
Category Role Playing
Package name com.gravity.romNAg
Downloads 67K+
Ragnarok M: Eternal Love(ROM) Description
Authorized by Ragnarok Online, A Continuation of the Classic Adventure.

-Hero Class "Fenrir" Joins the Battle
Descendant of the Gods and Giants, Fenrir draws strength from the moonlight. Its icy chains can make those who are cursed share the same pain.

===Game Features===
⭐️ Continuation of Classic, Original Will Upheld ⭐️
A free-to-play game with the authentic cute art style, easy switch between 3D and 2.5D, thousands of headwear items, and free trades!

🧚‍ Fight Refreshing Battles As Any Job You Prefer 🧙
You can access all the jobs of the original RO in RagnarokM. Test your skills with various job combinations and progression! No more hesitation when choosing your job, since you can change job in no time!

🎮 Find Companions, Build Guilds 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
Adventures bring Adventurers together. Build a guild with other Adventurers, help each other and strengthen your bonds! You're needed in MVP Scramble and GvG battles!

🍹 A Catch-up Feature That Eases Your Burden 🚀
You can complete daily quests quickly, earn multiplied EXP as a beginner, enjoy fast cross-server PvE teaming, and access privileges as a returning player. Whenever you play it, RagnarokM will bring you much joy!

⚔️ Teamwork Makes the Dominant Champion 🏆
Lots of casual and competitive PvP and GvG modes that test your individual and team strategies. Divide tasks wisely and find the best strategies to win glory!

👓 Various Cosmetics and Varied Mounts 🐢
Thousands of skins and headwear items for you to match as you wish. Numerous collectable mounts for one or two players. Each Adventurer can have a unique appearance!

===System Requirements===
RAM: 2 GB or above

===Contact Us===

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Comments about Ragnarok M: Eternal Love(ROM) Android Version
This game is literally the worst. I started playing soon after it launched, but it took way too long to level up. They made it way easier to level up now so that's cool. Only problem is that the damage you do is based on deposited items that give you 1% and it is actually impossible to catch up to and be able to play the newest content without spending thousands of dollars. Even then the time wish machine does not have enough items in it currently or in the near future to bridge the gap.
Game is fun overall! Playing with a co worker and we are enjoying the time. BUT every couple of days only MY game for some reason gets stuck at start screen. It pops up with the Facebook or Google account box, but that disappears very fast. Then I click to start game, and I am just stuck on that main screen with nothing. If I click on the top right, a white bar will appear briefly and then disappear. So I have to uninstall and re install every 3 or 4 days and it's frustrating as all hell.
Its fun enough, not equal to the original. some of the systems need clarification though. The auto attack is nice, but usually you end up with three others all going after the same monsters and kill stealing ensues. EDIT: this game has lost a stars from me because it is broken. I don't know what the deal is but I'm on a Samsung S8 and I'm reinstalling this game for the 5th time. every other time I open it once I login and tap to go the character select screen the game freezes.
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