AFK Journey Tier List – Selecting Your Best Heroes in March 2024


Navigating the fantastical realm of AFK Journey can initially seem like a challenging task, especially for newcomers. We can see a huge list of characters in this game boasting unique abilities and roles, so understanding which hero stands atop the hierarchy can significantly enhance your gaming journey. An AFK Journey tier list serves here as an ultimate help, guiding you through this vibrant but complex landscape by ranking heroes based on their overall effectiveness in various game modes. By understanding how much strength each character brings to the table, a tier list empowers beginners to make informed decisions, ensuring they invest their time and resources into characters that will yield the greatest return on their adventurous endeavors.

AFK Journey tier list

So, here is our guide to the AFK Journey tier list, specifically made for the newbies to know if their heroes are worthy or not. By breaking down the ranks from the indispensable S-tier heroes to those of lesser utility, we offer a comprehensive overview that highlights the crème de la crème of operators. This not only helps AFK Journey beginners to identify which class resonates best with their playstyle but also provides insights into how each character can contribute to their team's success. So, play AFK Journey on PC with LDPlayer 9, and let's get started.

Ranking of AFK Journey Tier List

Before diving right into the characters or the heroes of AFK Journey, you need to know how they will be categorized in this game, and for that, we have six ranks in total. Each one will be dedicated to showing you how a character can be stronger or weaker, so let's have a look at these rankings now.

  • Tier SS – exceptional, powerful heroes can be seen under this rank. So they are basically the OP units, and you can literally rely on them for every gameplay moment that you have to deal with.

  • Tier S – after the tier SS, the power goes for the tier S. This means that the next most powerful heroes can be seen under this rank, so if you are unable to get along with a tier SS rank hero, then you have another best option, it is the tier S.

  • Tier A – This rank from the AFK Journey tier list is known to hold the best characters, and we see the strongest heroes here, too.

  • Tier B – When it comes to tier B, the strength levels seem to decrease by the slightest amount because these heroes are good but not at an exceptional level like tier SS, S, and A ranks.

  • Tier C – only the beginners can make the best use of these heroes because there will be mediocre skills associated with the heroes under this rank.

  • Tier D – out of all the other ranks, here we see the least powerful heroes.

All the Heroes in the AFK Journey Tier List – Ranked By

So, it is time to learn how all the heroes in this game will be based on their specific strength levels as follows.
















































Smokey & Meerky





















Granny Dahnie















The Best Heroes to Focus on the AFK Journey Tier List

It is time to learn who becomes the best in this AFK Journey, and if you are looking for a perfect hero to use in your game, we have several suggestions for you.


If you are looking for a great damage dealer for the AFK Journey gameplay, there is no one like Lala who will damage the enemies with the two forms used. She can sniper down her enemies as well as jump toward their backs and then kill enemies by stabbing as well as stunning them. So, it is fair to say that enemies have an immense fear for Vala as she has great survivability while damaging, and most importantly, she is going to do her fullest with an invisible skill as well as by the huge damage applied to the enemy's backline.



Hewynn is the next recommended character from the AFK Journey tier list, and coming from a supporter role, she is excelling better on our side with the best healing skills. The fact that Hewynn goes along with any team will make her a great attest to the battles, and what we mostly like here is that Hewynn can reduce the damage that we take as her allies. So, yes, if you want a perfect healer with the perfect stats and strength, there goes Hewynn.



Thoran, the best tank from the AFK Journey tier list, is also recommended to any newbie or even for a pro player because he is capable of launching the biggest damage, tricking the death like no one else does. Thoran is special as he has the ability to form a pact with any chosen ally he wants. This will eventually cause him to suffer heavy damage, and whenever the ally takes control of dealing damage, he is going to heal. There is no doubt because Thoran hands down the best tank with the greatest damage, which will eventually allow him to shoot enemies with just a single attack.


Odie from the AFK Journey tier list is great at dealing with great damage, and if you are looking for a versatile hero who can handle both PVP and PVE of this game, then go along with Odie. He has position-wrapped skills, which will make it easier to kill low HP-leveled enemies in a second, and whenever he has killed an enemy, there will be a bigger energy recovery applied to him. Odie can kill enemies more quickly than others, so there should be no second thought about choosing him for your battles.


And finally, if you want to make your heroes smoothly act in the battles, they have a customized control scheme for them, and now it can be done with LDPlayer. You can literally customize your own key controls for the movements by using your own keyboard, so handling your heroes in the battleground will no longer be a challenge. All you need to have is the Keyboard Mapping feature.


In the end, the AFK Journey tier list is an indispensable tool for players new and old alike, providing a detailed compass to navigate the game's expansive character roster. Our guide aims to equip beginners with the knowledge and confidence to select the best heroes for their adventure, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable experience. As the landscape of AFK Journey evolves, so will our tier list, which continually offers up-to-date advice. Remember, the right hero can transform a challenging quest into a triumphant victory. Embrace our guide, and embark on your journey with the mightiest allies by your side.

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