A Beginner Guide and Tips to Play Age of Sea - Survive and Adventure


Are you prepared to establish your home on the ocean while going on adventures in the deeper sea? Then, play the Age of Sea game, which depicts the ocean’s new era, where you will build your home on the ocean and survive in the midst of the challenges while facing them successfully. As a newbie to this game, this seems a little bit too much for you, but with this beginner guide, everything will be fine, as we have pointed out all the tips and tricks in this beginner guide for your Age of Sea gameplay. 

A Beginner Guide and Tips to Play Age of Sea

When you begin the game for the first time, there is not much left for you. But soon, you will develop that small piece of wood into a bigger raft, and if you want to know how you will develop it, check out this beginner guide. In this beginner guide, we will show you the tips and tricks you need to survive in the midst of survival challenges. So, right before you play the game, check out this beginner guide and have a perfect Age of Sea on PC gameplay with LDPlayer 9. 

Gather Logs and Craft Wooden Planks

Initially, in this game, you will find yourself on a small piece of raft where there is not something to be grateful for. But then, in order to progress in the gameplay, you have to expand it wider so that you can survive on the ocean without any issues. How do you expand it and do great things? For that, you must gather logs and craft wooden planks because wooden planks are the key material for anything in this game. Whether it is about expanding the raft, repairing it or upgrading new tools, everything depends on the wooden planks you have. 

Gather Logs and Craft Wooden Planks

Therefore, you just need to craft them. When crafting wooden planks, you must first gather logs to craft them. How do you gather logs? You can collect the logs by cutting down the trees that are available there. So, cut down logs and let your beaver craft wooden planks with them and then you can use them to do greater things in this gameplay. 

Repair the Facilities in Age of Sea

From above, you have learned how to craft wooden planks, and now you will learn how to use them. Once you have enough wooden planks, you can use them for various things, especially to repair new facilities on the raft. Yes, as said earlier, you have a piece of raft, but with wooden planks, you can expand it and repair its empty places. While you are doing it continually, at a point, you will get the chance to unlock and repair new facilities for your raft. 

Repair the Facilities in Age of Sea

As repairing only costs a certain amount of wooden planks, remember to craft enough wooden planks with logs and then invest them to repair the facilities. Every time a facility is repaired, you can benefit from it; therefore, make sure to repair more facilities from your resources. 

Upgrade Everything in Age of Sea

Also, note that repairing the facilities is insufficient, so you need to upgrade them. When you upgrade the facilities, their efficiency increases, which is a great way to upgrade your gameplay with more benefits. Therefore, whenever you have enough resources for the process, upgrade those repaired facilities as well to maximize their usage. 

Upgrade Everything in Age of Sea

Oh, we forgot to tell you that the resources aren’t the only factor of concern when you upgrade the facilities. When upgrading every facility, besides the resources, there are various other conditions that you have to achieve prior to upgrading them. So, ensure you have achieved all of them and have enough resources, and then you can proceed smoothly. 

Check out the Tasks for a Great Improvement

Here is another trick that is valuable for players who love to play the Age of Sea game. This trick is about checking out the tasks for a significant gameplay improvement. Yes, it is not a secret that the tasks help you out in your game to level up faster. Also, even if you are just a normal player who does not know anything about this game, you can play this game without any doubts because of the tasks. The tasks always help you know your next way out, and once you see them, you must work on them. 

Every time you complete a task, a new one will appear, and you can claim rewards, too, for the previous task you completed. This is how the tasks work and be helpful for every player here. Therefore, when in times you haven’t figured out what is going on, the best thing to do is to check out the tasks displayed on the left side of the game screen. 

Dive in Underwater in Age of Sea

In addition to crafting the raft to make it a super strong place to survive on the ocean with everything you need, you can dive into the underwater here, too. When you dive into the deep ocean, you are going to explore mysterious things, and the most important thing is that you get a mission every time you dive. Yes, these missions have various goals and you should achieve them to make your diving experience an unforgettable as well as rewarding. 

Dive in Underwater in Age of Sea

Remember, these missions have a specific time, and you just need to achieve them within the given time. Otherwise, you will fail the mission. Most of the time, these missions are about killing some harmful fish creatures. Therefore make sure to aim at the targeted enemy creatures by holding or dragging the right stick and then kill them. 

If this is too much to handle with touch controls, you better try things on your PC with LDPlayer 9. In LDPlayer 9, there is the Keyboard Mapping feature allowing to assign shortcut keys. So play the Age of Sea game on your PC using LDPlayer 9, assign key shortcuts to move the character to dive deeper into the sea, aim and kill the targets using its Keyboard Mapping feature, and have fun in the deep ocean.


The Age of Sea game offers a thrilling adventure on the sea, and if you are a sea lover, this would be a great game to try. Initially, you will start the game from scratch, but if you continually play the game, following these tips and tricks, you will end up achieving the top accomplishments within a few hours. So, don’t hesitate to play the game now with these tips and survive perfectly, regardless of how challenging the situations are.

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