A Beginner's Guide and Tips for Freaky Duckling: Hatch, Grow, and Evolve


Freaky Duckling is a fantastic game where you are asked to collect duck eggs, incubate them to obtain the best equipment, and strengthen the duckling with those items. While strengthening your duck with top-tier equipment items, you must enter an adventure full of challenges. In order to continue this adventure, you must overcome every challenge you meet there. So, read this beginner guide and learn the best tips to be successful in this Freaky Duckling gameplay, conquering all the challenges. 

A Beginner's Guide and Tips for Freaky Duckling


The whole gameplay runs with incubating eggs to obtain more powerful items. With more powerful items equipped with your duck, the more powerful your duck becomes, and therefore, it will be able to defeat every enemy in the path of adventure. In addition to this strategy, there are many tips you need to learn to master the game continually. So, completely read this Freaky Duckling beginner guide, and be knowledgeable enough to play Freaky Duckling on PC with LDPlayer 9. 

Incubate Duck Eggs for Powerful Items

Incubating the duck eggs is one of the best tips you should follow from the beginning of the Freaky Duckling game to obtain powerful items. As you will see when you play the game continually, the battles are automatic and therefore, you should do your best to prepare your duckling to battle against enemies powerfully. The best thing you can do to make your duck more powerful in this game is to equip the best gear items. But how? Unlike in other games, there are no advanced mechanics for you to use in this gameplay to obtain the best gear items. 

Incubate Duck Eggs for Powerful Items


Instead, what you need to do is to incubate duck eggs using incubate materials. The incubate materials can be earned by completing guide missions and also by completing the adventure. With enough incubate materials, you can incubate duck eggs to obtain exceptionally powerful items. When incubating duck eggs, you get equipment items of various rarities, and there is no guarantee that you will always get the highest rarity items. So when you incubate duck eggs and get items, always remember to equip powerful items and sell the weaker items. 

How do you check whether the equipment items are powerful or weaker than one another? Whenever you obtain an equipment item similar to an item you have already equipped with your duck, you can compare their attribute values and total combat power. If the combat power and attribute values are higher in the new equipment than the current one, you can go for the latest equipment and sell the currently equipped one. Like this, always equip the best item for your duck to make it stronger for the adventure. 

Upgrade the Incubator in Freaky Duckling

As we said earlier, you will never know what type of equipment items in various rarities you will obtain by incubating duck eggs in this game, right? But we are sure that, when you are in your early game stages, you will always get lower-tier equipment items, and you can equip them for your duck to make it stronger in the early stage. 

Upgrade the Incubator in Freaky Duckling


Even so, when you level up in the gameplay, reaching higher stages in the adventure, you need to make your duck more powerful, and if not, how can you defeat all the monsters? So, you need more powerful items to equip your character, right? Now that the incubator gives you lower-tier items, how can you pull out higher-tier equipment items from this incubator? Your only solution is to upgrade the incubator. You can upgrade the incubator and increase your chance of getting the highest tier equipment items. 

In order to upgrade the incubator, you need more gold coins, and once you submit the gold coins, it takes a long time to complete the process. Here, you can use time skips to accelerate the procedure in this game if you want. Every time you upgrade the incubator level, the chances of getting the lower rarity items will be lower, and the chances of getting the higher rarity items will be higher. Therefore, follow this trick in your Freaky Duckling gameplay. 

Continue the Adventure

After your duck reaches a certain level, you can start the adventure in Freaky Duckling. The adventure is a path full of challenges, and on this path, you will face many enemies. Here, this is going like chapters, including stages. Completing all stages in a chapter will let you finish a chapter officially and go for the next. 

Continue the Adventure


In every stage, there is a battle for you; depending on the strength of your duck, you will win these challenges. Every challenge gives you awesome rewards upon completing them. Therefore, complete challenges successfully and progress in the adventure, which is a great way to progress faster in this gameplay. 

Evolve the Duck to Strengthen It

Evolving the duck is another helpful trick to strengthen your duck in this Freaky Duckling game. When it comes to evolving, you need to complete certain three quests and if you complete them, you will be able to evolve your duck from one tier to the next. 

Evolve the Duck to Strengthen It


Every time you evolve your duck, its level cap increases. And also, its HP, attack, and defense will be increased. Since this strengthens your duck in this gameplay, ensure to evolve its tier by completing the relevant evolution quests. Whenever you complete these quests, not only can you evolve the duck, but you can also earn rewards for each quest you complete. 

Battle In Arena

With your progression in this Freaky Duckling game, you will unlock amazing content and one of them is the arena. The arena is the PvP mode of this game, where you will battle against other players for awesome rewards. Here in this game, you have two arenas to take part in challenges, and we will now speak of both in this beginner guide. 

Battle In Arena



This is the solo mode of the PvP arena, where you select a target from the challenge list and enter a challenge. Here, you can go for an opponent in the challenge list without hesitation, or if you are not okay with the list, you can refresh the list three times for free, and other subsequent refreshes require coins. 

Each arena challenge you participate in consumes an arena ticket, but don't worry because you have three free challenge opportunities daily. If you are out of tickets but need to participate in more challenges, you can purchase them using diamonds. After winning the arena challenges, you can obtain arena points that will decide your tier and the ranking in the leaderboards. 

Depending on your tier and ranking in the arena leaderboards, you will obtain daily rewards through the in-game mail. Season rewards can be claimed at the end of each season based on your final ranking. Since this solo arena is full of challenges but with more rewards, ensure you will take part in the arena challenges for greater rewards. 

Pinnacle Arena

The next arena which you can take part in here is the Pinnacle arena and it is a cross-server feature where servers will be grouped into divisions to decide the champion of the season. One season in Pinnacle Arena lasts for two weeks. The first week is for the players to engage in the qualifiers, and the second week is for the players to have their groups and finals. 

  • In the first week, the players can take part in up to ten challenges each day for the first six days, and on the seventh day, qualifiers will be settled to select the top sixty-four players based on their ranks, and they are qualified for the next week's groups and finals. The ranks will be given, considering the arena points the players earn through both defending and attacking. 

  • During the second week stages, only one match will be held per day, and the qualified players from the first week will be categorized into groups. Their ultimate goal is to become the first in their groups to enter finals. The top eight players from the eight groups again will compete in the finals to decide the champion. Depending on the rank, players will earn lots of rewards at the end of the season. 

This is how the Pinnacle arena will work in this Freaky Duckling gameplay giving you a lot of rivalry and rewards. Even though the solo arena can be unlocked in your early stages, your character must reach level seventy to unlock this Pinnacle arena. 


The Freaky Duckling game offers a fascinating adventure in which various challenges will be thrown at you. And your duty is to overcome them and continue this adventure without being stuck. Thanks to this beginner guide, you have gained an idea about the tips and tricks useful for the game, and therefore, now you can start your Freaky Duckling game with these tips on your PC with LDPlayer 9. 

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