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Tracksuit Hero: AFK launches globally!
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Version 2.0.13
Updated on 2022-01-27
Rating 2.2
Category Role Playing
Package name studio.gameberry.murimrpg
Downloads 100+
Tracksuit Hero : AFK Description
Be the master of Wulin in this action idle RPG!

You're suddenly drawn into the world of Wulin.
Jobless in the real world, you end up as a powerful warrior in your new home!

# Quick and Easy Idle RPG!
Enjoy stress-free character progression with minimal effort!
Start out as a rookie and become a master on your quest to grow stronger!

# Are You Righteous or Evil? Customize Yourself in Style!
Various Costumes allow you to customize your character to your liking.
Learn all sorts of unique and flashy skills to take down your enemies.

# Various Modes and Endless Farming
Indulge in over 8 different idle modes.
Go beyond your limits!

[Minimum System Requirements]
Galaxy S6 (OS 5.0) or higher / 2 GB RAM or higher

** This game is available in 한국어, English, 中文简体, and 中文繁體.

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Comments about Tracksuit Hero : AFK Android Version
The game is very laggy for me in some of the menu. Don't know if it's because of the server, but doubt it. A lot of needless menu. Should just be able to click challenge next from the main menu rather than open the map. No auto equip function. The costume shop also lagged a to scroll down, there should be a better way to go through all of those. Need lots of polish
It's OK at first, definitely advertising heavy game. But the game slows down pretty quickly, within 5 to 10 mins it comes to a halt and touching the screen does nothing for the game. All other aspects of your phone are not interrupted. I'll probably try it some more tomorrow, but will uninstall after that.
Paid over $8 USD to REMOVE ADS! Most games is $1.99-5 USD to remove them. The only ad I get to skip is the begging ad to get double rewards... I cant skip any other ads what is this. Thats just a scam dont buy anything in this game its over priced and doesnt do what it says it will do. 2 stars maybe 1 star later when i get bored of the game since it really doesnt have much in it for how long we have waited for the game. Just a disappointment.
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