AFK Journey Beginner's Guide and Tips - Best Tricks with Top Strategies for Newbies to Play


Get ready to enter the world of Esperia and unlock hidden mysteries with the AFK Journey gameplay. You will go through a series of tactical battles and other challenges in this game, but as you recruit top-tier heroes to help you, you will never experience loss. So learn the best tips and tricks useful in this game through this beginner guide and start playing it perfectly as a pro player, even though you are new. 

AFK Journey gameplay

Unlike in other games, this game has many unique features and techniques, making the gameplay more interesting. So, as you play the game, it is better to know about them perfectly before you step into the mysterious world of Esperia. In this beginner guide, we have already added the best tips and strategies needed for every beginner to win every challenge you guys will face in this mysterious world, so read this guide, learn useful tips and then play AFK Journey on PC with LDPlayer 9. 

Class-Wise Equipment

One of the best tips you can use to improve the power of your heroes is to equip them with the best equipment. But the equipment system in this AFK Journey gameplay is kind of unique and special compared to the other games, and we will review it here.

Every piece of equipment has its special effect, and when you equip a piece of equipment, its effect will be applied to all heroes in a specific class matching the equipment. In other words, the equipment system works class-wise, where all the heroes of the same class as the equipment will benefit from the effect of that same equipment. 

Class-Wise Equipment

The effect of each equipment will be different depending on the grade of it. The equipment items come in five grades: basic, intermediate, advanced, elite and expert. The effectiveness of the equipment increases with equipment grade. So remember to equip your heroes with the best equipment for greater advantages in the battles. 

Since the equipment system happens class-wise, it has massively benefited your gameplay. For example, if you equip items to the support class, all the heroes that belong to the support class will share the equipment benefits among them. So ensure to equip every class with the best items for an amazing boost in the power of the heroes. 

Upgrade the Gear Items

When speaking of how to improve the power of the gear items, you have to go through several forging steps. In order to forge gear items, you need primal casting shards and gold as the price. If you have trouble finding them, you can quickly get them by participating in quests and campaigns and disassembling unused and lower-tier gear items. 

Therefore, you can forge and upgrade their levels after obtaining enough resources. 

Legend Trial Challenges

Among many game modes to try here, legend trials take a special place because of their challenging nature. In the legend trails gameplay, you will choose a perfect team of heroes from a specific faction and start defeating enemy teams on each floor of the towers for tons of valuable rewards.

These legend trials take place in four different towers, and each tower is only available on specific days. Here is the list of towers you can challenge in these legend trials. 

Legend Trial Challenges

  • Tower of Will

  • Tower of Nature

  • Tower of Light

  • Tower of Eternity

As we said before, when participating in the legend trials in various towers, you must choose the heroes for the team which align with the faction the tower represents. For example, when you climb up in the Tower of Light, you can only deploy the light bearer heroes, and when you climb up in the Tower of Nature, you can only deploy wilder heroes. 

In the Tower of Will, you can deploy only the Mauler heroes; in the Tower of Eternity, you can only deploy Graveborn heroes. Since all these towers are filled with tons of rewards, choose the best team with the relevant faction for each tower and complete its challenges, defeating all the enemies on various floors. One of the best ways to enjoy yourself more while playing this game is to do these challenges. 

Guilds in AFK Journey

In this section of this beginner guide, you will learn everything about guilds. The guild system is one amazing feature you can see in this game; through this feature, you will communicate with other players who play this game all around the world. Not just that, the guild system is a game changer here that lets you engage in many extraordinary events teaming up with top-tier players. 

Guilds in AFK Journey

Once you join a guild, you can complete the guild quests and contribute to the guild to level it up, and you can also take part in the battle drill, a game mode available only for guild members. In the battle drill, you will battle against bosses teaming up with other players in your guild. By taking part in this boss event, you can obtain amazing rewards. 

Guild challenges are another thing you can participate in with the guild members. The guild challenges consist of quests that you can complete with a team. When the guild challenges are completed, you can claim rewards for your participation. Since the guild is full of events you can benefit from, ensure to participate in a guild and have a perfect adventure with guild members. 

Recruit the Best Heroes in AFK Journey

Having the best heroes included in the highest tiers of the AFK Journey tier list will make your AFK Journey easier and more exciting, therefore let us check how to obtain the best heroes in this game. Here, the game has introduced a recruitment system with different banners to recruit various heroes. 

Recruit the Best Heroes in AFK Journey

In each banner, you need various currencies to recruit AFK Journey characters; some banners even offer pity systems from which you can benefit. Also, every banner has different pull-out rates for AFK Journey characters of different grades. As is common in every other game, the higher the grade of the heroes, the lower the pull-out rates, but the lower the grade of the heroes, the higher the pull-out rates in these banners. Because of this, you will always get heroes with lower rarity when recruiting them through these banners. 

Since you always want the best heroes, you should not rely solely on recruitment. Instead, you should start rerolling many accounts at once. To do this, you can first play AFK Journey on your PC using LDPlayer 9, then create many accounts using LDPlayer 9's Multi-Instance Sync feature. After that, you can start rerolling with all the accounts you have created with the help of LDPlayer 9. By doing so, you can always get the best heroes of the highest grades in the AFK Journey tier list of your gameplay. 

Quests are a Key to Success

As we said in this topic, quests are your key to success in this game because they help you progress in this gameplay and offer you amazing rewards for each quest you complete. When you play this AFK Journey game, you will encounter various kinds of quests to complete, and here they are. 

  • Daily Quests - These are a category of quests you must complete in this gameplay. These quests are simple and easy to complete, which do not take too long. Completing them gives you awesome rewards, so don't miss them. 

  • Growth Path and Trials - these are the quests where there are no time limits for you to complete them, so you can gradually complete them without being rushed. More than all the other quests, these quests offer you attractive rewards. 

  • Guild Quests - when speaking of the guild system, we have already mentioned these quests to you. By completing these guild quests, you can earn guild tokens, and therefore, you can purchase items you want from the guild shop by spending the guild tokens you earn. 

Take Part in Arena Battles

If you want something so competitive to try, you just need to try the PvP arena, where you will compete against other players to test your skills. By taking part in PvP arena challenges, you can not only sharpen your strategic skills but also get higher rankings and earn many rewards. 

Take Part in Arena Battles

Whenever you go to the arena, you will see three random opponents you can challenge, but if you are not satisfied with them, you can refresh them five times for free per day. After you choose an opponent to challenge, you can spend an arena ticket and challenge the relevant opponent. Every time you win a challenge, you get to earn arena points, which will help you improve your ranking. And when your ranking is higher, you will obtain amazing rewards. So, participate in the arena challenges to earn amazing benefits for your AFK Journey gameplay


This game is awesome because of the challenges, with so many game modes to try. Along with them, you can complete quests, participate in guides and their events and many more. Since you have understood the best tips and tricks to this game with this beginner guide, now you can try the game and enjoy amazing victories in any challenge you take part in. Also, you must check on the AFK Journey codes to get tons of free rewards. 

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