Fate/Grand Order Gudaguda 2023 Event Guide


With the last period of the year quickly approaching and brand new events being released for the year 2023, Fate/Grand Order is once again holding its annual event of Gudaguda, in the form of the brand new Gudaguda 2023 event - Ryouma's Narrow Escape! The Mystery of the Disappearing Nobbu Head. With this special event release, players will have the chance to participate in the events to obtain various rewards, including the new 4* welfare servant - the 4* Avenger Mysterious Ranmaru X. In addition, players will have the chance to roll for 2 brand new 5* servants - the 5* Caster Izumo no Okuni and the 5* Lancer Sakamoto Ryoma.


In this guide, we will go over the details of the brand new Gudaguda 2023 event and advises players on how they can best obtain all of the event’s rewards and the welfare 4* servant - Ranmaru. In addition, we will also go over whether or not players should roll on the special rate up banners for the brand new 5* servants - The 5* Caster Izumo no Okuni and the 5* Lancer Sakamoto Ryoma.



Let’s play Fate/Grand Order on PC and find out together.

Fate/Grand Order GUDAGUDA 2023 Event Guide - How to Obtain The Most Rewards

Together with the release of the brand new 2023 edition of the annual Gudaguda event for Fate/Grand Order, players will have the chance to partake in the events and celebration campaigns and be able to obtain various rewards and obtain the 4* Welfare Servant - The 4* Avenger Mysterious Ranmaru X

Story Stages

During the event’s duration, players will be able to partake in the event and play story stages to advance in the story stages in order to complete the event missions and advance in the event in order to obtain special rewards including saint quartz to be used for pulling servants in the rate up banners.

During the event’s period, event stages will unlock eventually with the entire event story being unlocked on the 2nd week of the event. Once the story is completed, players will be able to obtain 1 Holy Grail.

Farming Stages

In addition to the story stages which will be unlock gradually during the event’s duration, special farming stages will also be available for players to farm specific event currencies during the event’s run time, these stages will feature special enemies that can appear more frequently depending on if players have equipped the event Craft Essence which boost the appearance rate of event specific monsters.

In addition, brand new farming stages will be unlocked gradually as the players clear the story stages and advance further in the event. The new farming stages will have enhanced difficulty and different types of enemies available. The higher the difficulty of the stage is, the more rewards the stage will drop with the 90++ node giving all 3 event currencies in large quantities if players are able to clear the stage.

Event Shop

Together with the event, players will be able to accumulate special event currencies when clearing event stages and exchange them for special limited time available rewards in the shop, including the special ascension materials for the 4* Welfare servant – the 4* Avenger Mysterious Ranmaru X and extra copies to upgrade her to NP5. Furthermore, players can also obtain special limited time event exclusive Craft Essences that will provide special effects to servants that equip them during the event’s period. 

Together with the special limited rewards, players will also be able to exchange for other useful servant upgrading materials, EXP cards, QPs and other necessity items for future servants upgrading, so players should absolutely take this chance to farm the event stages for the event currencies to exchange for these items. Players should prioritize getting the limited time items such as the Ascension materials, extra Mysterious Ranmaru X copies, event Craft Essences, Lores and EXP cards first then based on how much materials you need in the shop to exchange for them.

Free Welfare Servant - Mysterious Ranmaru X

Mysterious Ranmaru X is a 4* Avenger welfare servant is regarded as one of the game’s best free farming servants with her specializing in clearing big waves of enemies with her AOE arts Noble Phantasm and her ability to constantly loop her Noble Phantasm with high damage output and wave clearing potential.

Mysterious Ranmaru X’s main strong point lies in her very well made skill kit that works in tandem with each other to provide her with various powerful buffs to help her damage output and her ability to constantly loop her Noble Phantasm. Ranmaru’s 1st skill is a special support skill that can boost the critical star absorption rate of an ally, increasing their critical damage output and cleanse their debuffs. Her 2nd skill inflicts a special AOE Charm and defense reduction effect on all enemies, softening up the enemies to increase her damage against them. Her 3rd skill, which is her main skill, increases her Arts performance for 3 turns and grants her a 20% NP battery for her to ensure that she will be able to regain her Noble Phantasm for a 2nd round right away. 


Mysterious Ranmaru X’s Noble Phantasm is one of the few Noble Phantasms in the game that completely ignores the enemies’ defensive buffs and deals massive amounts of AOE Arts damage to all enemies. With her high NP regen rate and her class of Avenger, her Noble Phantasm and buffs, Ranmaru can essentially fire off 3 Noble Phantasms back to back with appropriate support from allies.

Special Rate UP Banner - Should You Roll

Together with the release of the 2023 edition of the annual Gudaguda event for Fate/Grand Order, 2 new rate banners will be available for players to roll for the 2 newly introduced 5* servants - the 5* Caster Izumo No Okuni and the 5* Lancer Sakamoto Ryoma

Izumo No Okuni

Izumo no Okuni is a 5* Caster that specializes in dealing massive amounts of Quick and Buster damage to 1 enemy with her Noble Phantasm and critical hits in addition to being an excellent support servant.

Izumo no Okuni is the first Caster servant to have a Quick Noble Phantasm and a skill kit that revolves around dealing both Buster and Quick damage with her Noble Phantasm and critical hits. Her skill kit revolves around buffing her own damage output but also provides a teammate that special buff of reducing their skill Cooldown by 1, allowing Okuni to be a very powerful support servant as well.


Izumo no Okuni’s Noble Phantasm deals massive amounts of Quick damage to 1 enemy and reduces their Quick damage resistance by quite a lot. In addition, when facing demonic enemies, Okuni will deal extra damage, making her a very efficient boss killer servant.

Sakamoto Ryoma

Sakamoto Ryoma is previously a welfare 4* Rider servant, however, with the new event, a brand new 5* Limited Lancer version of him have been released that specializes in dealing massive amounts of Arts AOE damage to clear waves of enemies and farm quickly.


Sakamoto Ryoma Lancer’s skill kit is your typical Arts farmer skill kit with a powerful up to 50% Art performance up buff, a 50% Np Battery for easy Noble Phantasm and a very powerful skill kit to boost his damage output.


His Noble Phantasm increases his Noble Phantasm damage before dealing massive amounts of AoE arts damage to all enemies, allowing to clear large waves of enemies and regain his NP gauge almost immediately to fire off his Noble Phantasm again, making him an incredible Arts Farmer for the Lancer class.

Should You Pull

Yes You Should. Both Izumo No Okuni and Sakamoto Ryoma are servants that excel at their roles and will be relevant to the game’s meta for years to come, so investing and rolling for them are recommended.

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