iLLANG Beginner Guide – Your Best Tips for a Best Hunt


Why do newcomers to iLLANG, a game rich in puzzles and hidden mysteries, often need a beginner's guide? The answer lies in the game's intricate design, which invites players into a world where every detail matters and every clue is a step closer to unraveling the story's core. For a newbie, the vast array of challenges and hidden objects can be overwhelming without a clear thought of gameplay understanding or the gameplay mechanics. A well-crafted beginner's guide can simplify the initial complexity, providing a roadmap to navigate through the game's layers with confidence and enjoyment.

iLLANG Beginner Guide

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Our guide will ensure that every player, regardless of their experience level, can achieve the best possible success in their gameplay. It is not just about finding hidden objects or solving puzzles; it's about embracing the journey, understanding the narrative, and becoming part of the game's world. With tips, strategies, and insights, our guide aims to enhance your gameplay experience, making every moment in this game not only enjoyable but also rewarding. Let this guide become your ultimate help as you embark on this captivating adventure. Play iLLANG on PC with LDPlayer 9 and ensure that you not only survive but thrive in the game's engaging environment.

Create a Team and Know How to Win 

Since you are here to hunt down the wolves as a beginner, you need to be aware of the teams that you create, and there are literally four of these teams that you can see. There will be Village, Illang, Lunatic, and Fox-named teams here, and each team has different members as well as different procedures to follow to win. So, let's have a look at each team now, one by one.

Villager Team

Villager Team

The first team that we are going to introduce you in this guide is the Villager, and to win in this team, you have to complete the missions before it comes the night of the Crimson Moon. And there is also another way to win here. If you see that the Fox team members have been eliminated with the use of the Banish Vote and the members of the Illang team face the same issue with the vote, you are literally going to win. Try to keep one member alive as long as you can until the Crimson Moon Night ends because it also gives you the chance to win here.

The best recommendation we can give you in this team to win is to try as hard as possible to work through the missions and always remember to see how other players act. This will give you a chance to predict who is going to be the next Illang, and then you can work on your plans to eliminate that player with the votes.

Fox Team 

The Fox team will always win if one of their players is alive when the villagers win. So this means that their victory is always parallel to the Villager's team. Also, if you see that all the survivors have been persuaded by the Swindler, yet if the Fox remained at the end of the voting, then this Fox team again taking a chance to win,

If you are in the Fox team of this game, then all your efforts should be going to survive, and this can be done by lending your help to the villagers as they are killing the Illang. Being a Swindler means that you have to deal with the Fox first, as it gives you the chance to gain their trust, so you are eventually allowed to convince all the villagers to lend you help. This procedure will help you to reach victory soon.


Next, in this new hunting game, let's talk about the Lunatic team, where you have to claim victories with all your efforts. You can also cooperatively work with the villagers because when they reach victory, you are also going to have a chance to win. Being a Lunatic means that you are not going to be killed by the Illang, and instead, you and that player will get to know each other's identities. A Lunatic can still be eliminated with the Banish Vote, but it should be done right after they have been attacked by an Illang. But still, if this happens, the rest of the players will die, and eventually, a Lunatic will reach victory.


And the last team is here, which makes you an Illang, and you just eat villagers as well as a sneak peek through the surroundings. And you do these all without being revealed to others. There will be different skills provided to you for being in this specific position from this team, and those are literally there to give the Villagers a hard time.

Being in this team allows you to be an Illang Fanatic as well, and if you have that role, then you need to work all together with the villagers so you can make them believe you and beat them as you want.

Complete Your Missions

The next thing that you must always give priority to in this gameplay is doing the missions. There will be different missions that you can perform here, and those can be completed by having a talk with the NPCs. There are so many of them placed around the mini-map, so meet them and make sure that you are completing them as much as you can.

Complete Your Missions

If you want to complete the missions that are offered to you successfully, make sure that you are interacting and listening well to these NPCs, as that is how you will make it a success. Don't worry if you don't know where to head because the mini-map is acting as guidance for you.

Once you are done with a mission, make sure that you are returning to the NPC that initially offered you the mission, and please note that not all NPCs are going to appear throughout the game all the time. Some of them will be there at night, while others appear in the daytime. So, if there is a specific NPC that you need to meet, try to go to the mini-map on both day and night time because, in any of these periods, you will have a chance to catch them.

Use the Coupon Codes

To earn some free items as well as the resources that complement your way through the gameplay, you can now use iLLANG coupon codes. These are usually released by the game developers on their official channels, and although they don't seem to give you meaning, they still carry free rewards.

Before redeeming, beware of two things here. First, none of the codes are meant to last forever, as they will expire soon. So, if you want to claim the freebies of these codes, make sure that you are doing it on time. The second thing is that if you, by any chance, change any character of these codes, then you are not allowed to earn the freebies offered by the codes. And lastly, if you want to have the most recent codes, try keeping an eye out for the official social media channels handled by the game.

What is the Voting System in the Game?

Your hunting in this game operates through day and night, and when a day ends, you will literally be given the chance to vote. This voting system will be operating against the other players; if a player has taken a high amount of votes, then they are going to be eliminated, and a vote will be canceled if two players get the same amount of votes at the same time. So this means that none of the players are going to be eliminated when they have been voted with the same number of votes.

What is the Voting System in the Game

If you do not want to get eliminated from this round, then you must guess and try to find the Illang, and if you suspect one, you can try convincing others to vote for that player. So, this will reduce your chances of getting eliminated from the game at any time. One other thing to be aware of here is that you cannot see things very clearly at night, so you will have to be more secure at night time. Always make sure to manage your time because the NPCs that you see during the daytime won't be available at night time.

Have a Pet Companion

Having support by your side when you are hunting in this gameplay will be a real deal. So now, this can be done when you are accompanied by a pet. These pets have different skill sets as well, and if you want to earn more of them, then you have to take them from the raffles.

So, when you progress more into the stages of this gameplay, don't forget to have a pet by your side as well because it is literally going to ease your gameplay with the best level.


As you reach the end of this beginner's guide to iLLANG, you're now equipped with the knowledge and strategies needed to navigate the game's challenges with greater ease and confidence. Remember, the journey through this game is not just about reaching the end but about the experiences, discoveries, and growth you encounter along the way. Keep exploring, stay curious, and use this guide as your beacon through the game's twists and turns. Your adventure is just beginning, and the stories you'll uncover are as boundless as your newfound skills.

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