A Thrilling Journey with RPG Astrune Academy Tips - Ultimate Beginner Guide


With a rich storyline, the RPG Astrune Academy game comes to you, bringing alongside more turn-based strategic combat, beautiful characters and stunning visuals. The game revolves around the Astrune Academy, where you will discover the tale of sorcerers. Get ready to experience daily life in a magical academy with the RPG Astrune Academy game and progress with the tips and tricks mentioned in this ultimate beginner guide to have a thrilling journey. 

Thrilling Journey with RPG Astrune Academy Tips

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During this gameplay, you will meet cute and adorable magical girls to help you in your adventure. Throughout your adventure, you will meet demons to fight against and many dungeons and fields to explore. So, it is dangerous to enter the gameplay without any useful tips to progress fast in this game. Therefore, let this RPG Astrune Academy beginner guide help you learn the top tricks to have a thrilling journey in RPG Astrune Academy on PC gameplay with LDPlayer 9. 

Use the Portal for Teleportation

The game happens in the Astrune Academy, and you know it already. The Astrune Academy has a bigger area where you can visit various locations for various purposes. Besides wandering around the places in the same location, you will have to travel to different locations from where you are currently. At those times, your only way to reach those locations is through a portal. 

In most of the main locations, there are portals which you can use, and these portals let you travel through various main locations. Some of the main locations you can visit through a portal are, 

Use the Portal for Teleportation

  • The classroom area

  • The library area

  • The courtyard area

  • The school shop area

  • The connection area

  • The principal’s office area

The areas mentioned above are unavailable to reach if you don’t use a portal. So, use a portal and teleport to those areas when necessary. 

Progress on the Story

The first thing you are about to do in this game is progress on the story. The progression you earn in the story will decide every other thing in this game. Therefore, it is important to progress on the main story. To progress in the gameplay, you have to progress in the main story. You have to complete the given missions, like the main story missions. These missions will always help you to progress in the story. 

Progress on the Story

Once you complete a mission in the story, you get another mission after the story is updated. Therefore, every time the story updates, you get new missions. Make sure to complete them and progress further in the story. The story is full of dialogue and scenes you cannot skip. So you don’t have any option but to go through those scenes. While going through the scenes and completing the main missions, you have to progress faster in the story. 

Battles in RPG Astrune Academy

Now it is about time to explain to you about the battles in this RPG Astrune Academy game. Here, first, you can see an action order where you can see the order of the characters and enemies which will attack against each other. The left character in the action order will be the first to attack. 

Battles in RPG Astrune Academy

When performing an attack, you must choose a command from the right side of the game, a standby, use an item skill or cast a basic attack. When using skills to attack enemies, first choose a skill of the relevant character who is ready to attack the demons, then select a demon to get hit by the selected skill. You only need to choose a demon as a target to get damaged by a certain selected skill when there are more demons to fight against. But if there is only a single enemy left, it will be the target of all skill attacks automatically. 

So, the battles are turn-based, where you will decide the command to perform using the characters assigned in the squad. Make sure to be wise all the time to select the best command in the correct situations. 

The battle commands should be selected using touch controls because you play the game on your mobile. To get rid of the touch controls, you should play the RPG Astrune Academy on your PC with LDPlayer 9 and assign key shortcuts to all commands to activate using the Keyboard Mapping feature. And then you get the chance to quickly command your characters, battle against demons, and win exactly. 

Stand on Mana Spots

When you enter various dungeons and fields to battle against enemies, you will see mana spots on the ground in the dungeon areas and fields you are in. When you see mana spots, remember to stand on them because these mana spots help you to increase the stats of your whole battle team. But one mana spot will grant a boosting effect to your whole team only once. 

Stand on Mana Spots

These mana spots can be seen in many places in the field and the dungeons as well. You can see them as spots in purple color. When you ever find such a mana spot, reach it and stand on it. There are no disadvantages or harmful side effects of these mana spots. But you always get more boosts to your whole team, which will be useful during the battles through these mana spots. So whenever you see them, try to stand on them. 

Unique Growth Systems in RPG Astrune Academy

In this game, you will find unique growth systems called star array and star disk. What is unique about this star array system? The uniqueness is that you are going to strengthen all your magical girls in a unique way through this star array. With this star array, you can enhance the entire party at once instead of leveling up the magical girls one by one. 

The star array enhances the whole battle party by strengthening the weapons through equipment enhancement. To use the star array, you need magic star crystals. Using them as the cost, you can enhance the weapons equipped by all the girls in the party, and then the status of the whole battle party will be increased. 

The next unique growth system in the RPG Astrune Academy game is called Star Disk. The star disk is about setting runes and enhancing the girls one by one. Here in the star disk, you can set several runes; once they are set, those runes will enhance your girls. It is because the runes have the power to promote the growth of your girls. Therefore, whenever you have runes, set them for each character and let them grow to become stronger. 


Here, we have come to the end of the beginner guide with the top tricks for a thrilling journey in the RPG Astrune Academy game. Use the tips above for successful gameplay, and enjoy your adventure. The adventure is rich in battle and lots of enemy encounters. Be tactful with the tips above to defeat the demons easily and enjoy your gameplay.

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