Tarisland - Closed beta First Impression & Game Review


The story of Tarisland begins with the protagonist (the character we create at the beginning) finding themselves in a city besieged by monsters. Shortly thereafter, after defeating some of them, a dragon will appear! During the battle with the dragon, many of our allies will be severely injured, but we will still manage to repel the dragon and get to safety. Only then will we wake up alongside Jeya and a strange stone in a cave. A little later, when we think we are safe, we will encounter a group of centaurs who will try to kill us. However, thanks to the collaboration with the warrior tribe led by Lorne, we will manage to win the encounter. In gratitude, Lorne's tribe will lead us to their town, the Ancash Tribe. There, we will explain that we are on a journey to recover our memory and find out what happened after the dragon battle!

What is Tarisland?

Tarisland is a new MMORPG that strongly resembles World of Warcraft, both in terms of graphics and class settings, as well as content such as dungeons, raids, arenas, etc. At the beginning of the game, players can create a new character by choosing from the currently available 9 classes (which may increase for the game's final release). Each class has a dual specialization, allowing players to choose whether to become a Tank, Healer, or Damage Dealer. The game offers a vast open-world to explore, a main quest guiding players through the story of Tarisland, daily dungeons to enhance equipment, PvP arenas for Player vs. Player enthusiasts, and raids for those who enjoy challenging encounters with dangerous bosses. Additionally, Tarisland features a deep crafting system with 5 professions to choose from, both for creation and gathering. Players can also decide to join a guild, providing various perks to aid in their growth. Despite being presented as a mobile game, the class system, talents, and the absence of auto-battle and auto-path features indicate that Tarisland aims to establish itself in the MMORPG world as a viable alternative to existing titles on the market. If you enjoy MMORPGs and want to try something new, stay updated on this title and get ready to play it on your PC with LDPlayer.

Game Content

Season Quest

Season Quest

The Season Quest in Tarisland is the game's Main Story. Throughout the Main Story, we will delve deeper into the world of Tarisland, encountering various characters, challenges, and unlocking all other game modes. Additionally, we gain access to different character upgrades, such as various subclasses (Example: the Bard can become a Healer from level 12 onwards), leveling up skills, the Inscribed Stone, Crafting and Gathering professions, PvP, open-world events, and much more. Initially, the Tarisland Main Story will be tied to the server's maximum level (Example: on the first day, the maximum level may be 20, and gradually, additional levels will unlock day by day until reaching the cap).



Dungeons are an important part of the PvE aspect of Tarisland. The first Dungeon we'll face is the one against the Dragon during the tutorial, which introduces various game mechanics. For example, finding shelter from the boss's attacks, dealing damage if our class is specialized as a Damage Dealer, attracting enemy attention (Threat) if our class is that of a Tank, or healing allies if our class is that of a Healer

Currently, Tarisland features several Dungeons:

  • Dim Cavern (Level 1 Story Dungeon)

  • Library Of Chaos (Level 12 Normal & Level 18 Elite)

  • Camp Carylan (Level 20 Normal & Level 25 Elite)

  • Merfolk Swamp (Level 29 Normal & Elite)

  • Forest Altar (Level 32 Normal & Elite)

  • Botanical Garden (Level 37 Normal & Elite)

Normal Dungeons do not have a daily restriction, while Elite ones can be tackled a maximum of 2 times per day to obtain rewards (or an unlimited number of times if the goal is to face the Dungeon without obtaining rewards, perhaps to assist a friend).

Additionally, each Dungeon has a Gear Score requirement that provides an indication of the Dungeon's difficulty.

Beyond Dungeons, there are also Raids further along the game, which are Dungeons with a large number of players. However, this content becomes available when reaching a higher level of gameplay.

Universal Hall

Universal Hall

The Universal Hall is another PvE content that allows us to face a boss with various degrees of difficulty. Only if we manage to pass the first difficulty, we can access the second, and so on until the last. Each Universal Hall cycle lasts for 3 days, after which the boss is replaced with a different one in rotation. The goal of the battle in the Universal Hall is to successfully defeat the boss within the given time. It is advisable to engage in this solo battle with a Damage Dealer build, as both Tank and Healer builds may not provide enough damage for the battle.

Completing the Universal Hall at various difficulties will yield specific rewards (Universal Essence, Dull Dust of Inscribed Stone, Dark Emblem Chest) and rewards linked to the difficulty we manage to beat (Example: Silver Coin, Essence, etc.). Moreover, it will be possible to earn more points by increasing the challenge difficulty and adding Malus before the battle:

Challenge Malus:

  • Monster ATK increased by 10% / 20% = +50 / +100 Points

  • Monster HP Increased by 10% / 20% = +50 / +100 Points

  • Player HP Recovery Reduced by 20% = +50 Points

  • Player Healing Effect Reduced by 40% = +100 Points

  • Player Skill Cooldown +15% = +50 Points

  • Player Starting HP -10% / -20% = +50 / +100 Points

  • Players have -50% / -100% Crit = +50 / +100 Points

  • Players have -50% / -100% Combo = +50 / +100 Points

  • Time reduced by 10 / 20 Sec = +50 Points / +100 Points

Competition Conquer

Competition Conquer

The Competition Conquer is currently the only PvP content in Tarisland. It is a Battleground with two different maps that alternate daily, where players engage in a 10 vs 10 challenge. Depending on the day, the battleground to face is different:

Peak Gulf

  • The objective in Peak Gulf battleground is to collect 2000 resources before the opposing team. There are a total of 3 Ancient Relics that must be captured by the team to collect points. After 3 minutes from the start of the battle, the Central Tower will activate. The team that occupies the central tower earns 500 points. The first team to reach 2000 resources wins. If neither team reaches 2000 resources by the end of the time, the team with the higher score wins. If both teams have an equal number at the end of the time, the team with more kills wins.

Sinister Ore Field

  • In the Sinister Orefield battleground, the goal is to either guide the Bomb Cart to the enemy base or prevent the enemy from reaching your own base. There will be two rounds in this battleground, and each team must both attack and defend. The team with the most points at the end wins (pushing the Bomb Cart, killing the enemy, and destroying the Giant Cannon increase points).

Combat Guide

Combat Roles

Combat Roles

A fundamental aspect of playing Tarisland effectively is understanding the role of the chosen character and how to play it optimally. In Tarisland, there are three fundamental roles, also known in the world of MMORPGs as "The Holy Trinity," namely the roles of Tank, Healer, and Damage Dealer. Let's explore the different roles and suitable classes in Tarisland:


  • Usually considered the most "challenging" role to undertake, the Tank is the character responsible for drawing the attention of all enemies to protect the rest of the group from the damage that bosses and monsters can inflict during battles. Tanks typically possess skills that generate high Threat, forcing bosses and enemies to focus on them. Additionally, Tanks usually have a multitude of defensive skills to mitigate damage, control skills to Stun or Slow enemies, and survival skills.


  • The Healer is an indispensable role in any party venturing into a Dungeon or Raid. As the name suggests, the Healer is responsible for healing allies, restoring their health points, and providing buffs to the entire team, such as increased movement speed, mana restoration, debuff removal, and attack and defense boosts. 

Damage Dealer

  • While considered a role "easier" than Tank or Healer, the Damage Dealer is crucial for the success of a Dungeon or Raid, as this role focuses on dealing the maximum possible damage to the bosses and enemies faced. There are two types of Damage Dealers: "Melee," who fight in close combat, and "Ranged," who engage in battles from a distance. 

Classes Guide

Classes Guide

Currently, in Tarisland, there are 9 classes. Let's explore what each of these classes offers and how to utilize them effectively:


  • Warrior: The Warrior is a Melee class that can be used both as a Damage Dealer and as a Tank.

  • Barbarian Fighter: The Barbarian Fighter is a Melee class that can be used both as a Damage Dealer and as a Tank.

  • Mage: The Mage is a Ranged class and can only specialize as a Damage Dealer.

  • Paladin: The Paladin is a Melee class and can specialize as both a Damage Dealer and a Tank.

  • Priest: The Priest is a Ranged class that can specialize as both a Damage Dealer and a Healer.

  • Shadow Swordsman: The Shadow Swordsman is a Melee class that can only specialize as a Damage Dealer.

  • Ranger: The Ranger is a Ranged class that can only specialize as a Damage Dealer.

  • Phantom Priest: The Phantom Priest is a Ranged class that can specialize as both a Damage Dealer and a Healer.

  • Bard: The Bard is a Ranged class that can specialize as both a Damage Dealer and a Healer.

Should I Play It? Pro & Cons


  • The game feels like a triple AAA Mmorpg for mobile!

  • Catchy graphic (World of Warcraft Style)

  • A lot of Skills and Talent to choose

  • Great number of Classes (9 Class 18 Sub Classes)

  • No Auto Play or Auto Path

  • Very Skill based

  • Both PvE and PvP

  • Shop is most Cosmetic

  • Crafting Profession


  • Gender Lock Characters (At least for the beta)

  • Not so much Character customization



Tarisland presents itself as a cross-platform game, but playing it on a phone is not as easy as one might think, given the complexity of the game (targeting system for enemies and allies, constant attention to movement, etc.). Playing on the small screen of a phone can be frustrating, and the game requires a powerful phone, with the battery potentially running out at crucial moments, such as during a dungeon or PvP battle! To solve all these issues, you can play Tarisland directly on your PC using LDPlayer 9! Stunning 4k resolution and steady 60 FPS directly on your PC! No More battery heating or FPS stuttering! Additionally, you can configure a mouse and keyboard or your gamepad to play Tarisland as you prefer. Download LDPlayer 9 and get ready for the official release of Tarisland! 

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