As one of the best free emulators in the world, LDPlayer is committed to providing the best Android emulator platform for mobile users to run Android games or apps on their computers. But sometimes, you may fail to load LDPlayer and you find that the virtual box stops loading at 30%, 50% or 94%. This may be annoying to you as you can’t load the emulator successfully. This guide will help you to fix the loading failure on LDPlayer.

Fix LDPlayer Stuck at Engine Starting 50%, 94%, 30%


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What Causes the Loading Failure on LDPlayer?

Usually, the main reason for loading failure of LDPlayer is due to data damage. Some improper operations on computer may lead to the file damage of emulator. What’s more, the incompatibility between the Android emulator and your out-of-date computer software may also cause loading failure. But you don’t need to worry about the issue too much because you can easily fix it by following the below troubleshooting methods.


How to Effectively Fix Loading Failure on LDPlayer?

Generally speaking, loading failure is probably caused by many reasons. Thus, for different reasons, you may face the problem that the virtual box stops working at 50%, 94%, 30%, etc. So, if you've encountered the corresponding issues when launching LDPlayer, try the following methods to fix loading failure for different situations.


The Virtual Box Headless Frontend Has Stopped Working at 94%

If this is your first time launching LDPlayer and you encounter the issue that the virtual box stops at 94%, the main reason is probably that some of the emulator files have been damaged due to the improper emulator installation operations from your computer. Under the circumstances, the best solution is to recreate a new LDPlayer instance.


Recreate A New LDPlayer Instance

LDMultiplayer, which is a build-in tool on LDPlayer, can help you easily create a new LDPlayer instance to fix the problem. Just follow the below steps.


1. Open the LDMultiplayer on your desktop. (Don't know what is LDMultiplayer? Check LDMultiplayer Introduction)

Fix LDPlayer Stuck at Engine Starting 50%, 94%, 30%

2. Click the "New/Clone" button in the bottom right corner of the window.

Fix LDPlayer Stuck at Engine Starting 50%, 94%, 30%

3. Click the "New Player" icon on the left.

Fix LDPlayer Stuck at Engine Starting 50%, 94%, 30%

After that, LDMultiplayer will automatically generate a new LDPlayer instance. You just need to click the "Start" button to launch the new one and delete the original instance on LDMultiplayer.


Attention: Your original emulator data won’t be transferred to the new LDPlayer instance.

Fix LDPlayer Stuck at Engine Starting 50%, 94%, 30%

If the newly created LDPlayer instance is also stuck at 94%, you need to check whether the CPU, memory, or emulator installation hard disk is fully used.

Fix Failed to load emulator and Stuck 94

Refer to this article if you want to know how much graphics memory is being used.


If none of the above methods work, open the C:\Program Files\ folder, find the dnplayerext2 folder, clear the entire folder and download the emulator again if you are running LDPlayer 3; if you are running LDPlayer 4, find the ldplayerbox folder under the C:\Program Files folder, clear it and download the emulator again.


Fix Failed to load emulator and Stuck 94

If this is not your first time running LDPlayer, the loading failure may be caused by the incompatibility between LDPlayer and the software on your computer including Graphics Driver, Virtual Technology, antivirus software and so on. In such situation, you can try the following methods to fix the problem.


Check Whether VT is Enabled on Your Computer

VT is a very essential part that can make better use of the resources of the CPU on your computer to boost the performance of emulator. If the VT is disabled on your system, you can open it to solve the loading failure issue. You can learn more details about VT from this article:How to enable VT (Virtualization Technology).


Update Your Graphics Driver

Besides the VT-related issue, the out-of-date graphics driver may also cause the loading failure issue with LDPlayer. Thus, you can check this article: How to update the graphics driver to know more details about graphics driver update.


Turn off the Antivirus Software and Reinstall LDPlayer

We ensure that LDPlayer is a very clean and safe emulator for mobile players. But sometimes, some antivirus software, like Kaspersky and McAfee, will clear some important components of LDPlayer due to wrong identification. Thus, if the issue can’t be fixed by the above methods, you can try to turn off the antivirus software first and reinstall LDPlayer.


The virtual box headless frontend has stopped working at 50%

Generally, if you find that the virtual box stops working at 50% while you are loading LDPlayer, the most likely reason is that the graphics driver on your computer has crashed or been damaged. There are also three ways for you to fix this issue.


Update or Reinstall the Graphics Driver

First of all, when the virtual box stops at 50%, you need to open the diagnostic information from the menu in the upper right corner of the emulator window. If the "OpenGL" option is on the 1.1.0 version or blank, it means the graphics driver on your system has crashed.  

Update Graphics Driver

So, you can try to update your graphics driver first when that happens. (More details about how to update graphics driver at this article: How to update the graphics driver.) And then, you can also try to reinstall the graphics driver on your computer if you still can’t load LDPlayer. You can search Google for information on how to reinstall the graphics driver for your computer.


Enable VT on Your Computer

You can also check whether the VT is enabled on your computer through diagnostic information. If the VT is disabled, try to open it. This article: How to enable VT (Virtualization Technology) may give you some help. 


Fix g_bGuestPoweroff fastpipeapi.cpp: 1161/1153 Error

You may encounter this error code when you are stuck at 50%,  follow the steps in this guide to check: How to Fix g_bGuestPoweroff fastpipeapi.cpp: 1161/1153 Error


Turn Off Antivirus Software, Other Computer Games and Restart LDPlayer

When you are loading LDPlayer with some antivirus software and computer games running in background, the antivirus software and PC games may hinder the running process of LDPlayer. Hence, turning off those programs and restart LDPlayer may help you fix the problem.


Under Other Circumstances

In addition to the above situations, you may also face that the virtual box headless frontend has stopped working at 30%, 71%, 86% and so on. Never mind, all the above methods can be applied to those situations.


LDPlayer is stuck at 94% When Opening Multiple Instances

If it is the case that the subsequent opened LDPlayer is stuck at 94% when multiple LDPlayer are opened, you can try to close the LDPlayer that was stuck at 94% and create another new LDPlayer.

If the newly created one cannot be opened normally, you need to check whether it is overflow problem of temporary storage of CPU, memory, or graphics card.

If there is an overflow of occupancy, you need to check whether there is a problem with the parameter settings of the emulator. For details, please refer to: How to open as many instances of LDPlayer as possible.

If it still cannot be opened normally after setting the parameter, it may be a bottleneck in computer hardware equipment, or some hardware equipment has energy consumption limits. In this case, you need to replace hardware equipment or turn off its energy consumption limit to solve this problem.



Generally, there are many different reasons that may cause failed load issues. But now, you can try the methods we offer to troubleshoot the loading failure on your Android emulator. At the end of the blog, if you still can’t fix the loading failure after you did the troubleshooting, please get help by contacting LDPlayer through Facebook or Reddit.