Sometimes, you may experience some emulator or computer lags when you are playing mobile games on LDPlayer. These may be annoying to you as you can’t play games smoothly. Actually, lag issues may happen under many conditions for different reasons. The improper allocation of RAM and CPU core assigned to your emulator is perhaps the most common one.


The allocation of RAM and CPU is one of the most important factors that can greatly influence the performance of your virtual machine. Thus, in this post, we will provide you with an ultimate guide about how to configure RAM and CPU properly to improve the performance of your emulator and computer.


How does RAM and CPU Allocation Affect Emulator Performance

The allocation settings of RAM and CPU on LDPlayer directly influence how many resources (RAM and CPU) your computer will allocate to LDPlayer. Higher RAM and CPU assignment means that your computer will allocate more CPU and RAM resources to the emulator. In this case, your emulator will utilize a lot of computer resources to run more smoothly, and vice versa.


How to Configure the RAM and CPU Assigned to LDPlayer

It is not difficult to configure the RAM and CPU assigned to LDPlayer. However, the best case is that you should wisely decide the amount of RAM and CPU usage based on the game you are playing. Now, following the below steps to learn how to configure the RAM and CPU assignment.


Step – 1: Open the setting menu and head over to Advanced settings.


Find Cpu And Ram Settings


Step – 2: Click the cursor on the right side of the “CPU” and “RAM” to set the amount of RAM and CPU usage.


Set Ram And Cpu Assignment


Step – 3: Click “Save” button to apply the changes after you finish the reconfiguration.


Save Your Settings To Ldplayer


With this, you have learned how to configure the RAM and CPU assignment on LDPlayer. Now, we will offer two common configuration options for you.


When You Should Set a Relatively High CPU and RAM Allocation

Undeniably, a high allocation of CPU cores and RAM can maximize the efficiency of the emulator. But it may also cause your computer lagged because the emulator takes up a large proportion of resources on your computer under this situation. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you only adopt this configuration scheme when playing some high-demanded games, unless you have a super-configured computer.


4 Cores CPU Match 4096M RAM


4 Cores And 4048M


What games are applicable for:

First-person and other shooter games: Call of Duty Mobile, War Robots, Free Fire, etc.  

MMORPG: Black Desert Mobile, Perfect World, etc.

MMO Strategy Game: Rise of Kingdoms, etc.



When You Should Set a Relatively Low CPU and RAM Allocation 

As we mentioned before, larger CPU and RAM usage will take up more computer resources. Thus, it’s not necessary to allocate too much CPU and RAM to your emulator when you are playing some relatively low-demanded games on LDPlayer. The 2 cores CPU and 2048M RAM is the most common setting which is able to run most mobile games without taking up too many computer resources.


Furthermore, if you would like to run other software smoothly while running LDPlayer on your computer, you can also try to set lower RAM and CPU configuration to save more resources to power up other software.


2 Cores CPU Match 2048M RAM


2 Cores And 2024M


What games are applicable for:

Turn-based strategy games: Girls’ Frontline, Brown Dust, Destiny Child, etc.

Small role-playing games: Digimon ReArise, Azur Lane, etc.

Normal Action games: The King of Fighters ALLSTARMarvel Future, etc.



The maximum amount of CPU cores that can be set on LDPlayer is equal to the number of CPU cores on your computer. But the maximum amount of RAM space that can be configured on LDPlayer is half of the amount of RAM space on your computer. You should take your computer configuration into consideration before resetting the RAM and CPU assignment.



All in all, a reasonable allocation plan for RAM and CPU will help you run LDPlayer better without taking up too much space on your computer. In addition to the two schemes we offer, you should try different allocation settings based on your computer configuration and what specific games you're playing. This is one of the keys to avoid lag issues and get the best gaming experience.


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